Security Challenges in Digital Channels:
Fraud Professionals Weigh In

A Mercator Advisory Group White Paper Sponsored by IDology

Fraud is an evolving risk that cuts across all industries and technologies. While companies develop increasingly multilayered and innovative security and fraud management solutions, fraudsters are equally adept at shifting strategy and discovering new methods to attack sensitive personal and financial data. In the ongoing battle to fend off fraudsters, companies are at a significant disadvantage. That is because they have to ensure that their products and services are customer friendly and avoid any noticeable customer friction that is likely to induce the consumers who are end users to look to competing providers.

Historically, companies have used indirect sales and communication channels to interact with potential and existing customers. In recent years, these have included digital channels (mobile and online). Organizations can reduce costs to the consumer through the use of digital channels, but the rise of digital channels has resulted in a new “front” in the cybersecurity battle. Today, companies in many industries are struggling to balance security and authentication with the need to deliver a customer-friendly experience with minimal friction.

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