Digital Identity Verification Sector Spotlight - Leading Tech

Providing seamless, secure experiences requires a balancing act between fraud and friction.

This installment of the Sector Spotlight series looks into identity verification trends specific to the tech industry. These purely digital platforms need to identify the individuals providing the services, as well as the users accessing the services, as a basic part of their due diligence. 

83 million Americans have signed up for online services once done in person since the pandemic, proving the digital economy is in hyperdrive. The emergence and rapid adoption of the shared economy is the prime example of this digital growth. 

This installment to our Sector Spotlight series highlights the share economy’s unique challenges around digital identity verification and outlines our anticipated outlook for the future.

Key learnings from this spotlight include:

  • Considerations for fully remote onboarding in the shared economy
  • How identity verification can help digital platforms keep costs low 
  • Why identity variation is a critical pillar in fraud deterrence

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