Webinar: Balancing Friction and Fraud

Insights from the 2nd Annual Consumer Digital Identity Study


Chris Luttrell

Eric Leiserson

How American consumers think about their identity has shifted. For businesses, this presents both challenges and opportunities, especially around identity verification. For example, when trying to get customers onboarded, a cumbersome account creation process (especially on mobile devices) can quickly drive people away.

Join Chris Luttrell, IDology’s SVP of Operations, and Eric Leiserson, VP of Marketing, as they discuss findings from the 2nd Annual Consumer Digital Identity Study. They will explore the consumer perceptions of identity, enrollment, friction, and trust—and what businesses can do to fulfill the need for identity verification without running off customers. 


Now in its second year, IDology’s Consumer Study is representative of 225 million online Americans aged 18 years and older. 





This webinar has already happened and is now closed for registration.

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