The Beginning of a New Chapter: COVID, the Rush to Digitization, and the Impact on Fraud

Eighth Annual Fraud Report

Without doubt, digitization provided many people, communities, and companies with a lifeline.  Effective digital identity verification (IDV) played a critical role in facilitating the opening of new accounts and delivery of services to help people, and organizations across the world survive and thrive in a trying environment. That’s why, for the first time, digital identity verification became the most daunting challenge to fraud deterrence across industries in 2021. 

Download this report that details data insights including:

  • The factors causing fraud attempts to increase by 53% compared to the prior year
  • Why business and fraud leaders now call identity verification the number one challenge in addressing fraud
  • How Synthetic identity fraud and mobile fraud tactics have grown to historical highs
  • The future of digital identity verification including Artificial Intelligence, cross border identity, compliance and mobile verification

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