Turning Thin Files into Fat Profits

Using Non-Credit based Identity Proofing to Evaluate Risk

The use of credit histories has evolved from a simple tool to help financial lenders, such as mortgage companies or credit card issuers, evaluate if a consumer will pay his or her debts, to a full-blown screening tool for all types of businesses to evaluate risk.

But what about the 70 million consumers who fall outside of the credit system? According to some, unbanked immigrant and ethnic minority spending on financial products and services will increase by 94% in the next 4 years. With so many people in the United States having little to no credit, combined with an expected increase in spending from this market, relying only on credit scores during the decision process means your business may be turning down a legitimate customer and missing a real opportunity for revenue.

Non-credit based identity proofing helps businesses by improving revenue and preventing fraud and identity theft. It is cost effective and improves customer satisfaction and confidence. Download this white paper to learn more!

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