Balancing Growth with Fraud Prevention & Compliance in Online Gaming

The latest insights into how gaming firms can master a layered approach to delivering friction-free identity verification at the speed that their customers expect.

The global gaming market is expected to reach USD 295.63 billion by 2026. When it comes to online play, almost all events concerning player and game management happen without any physical interaction between player and operator.

With less in-person contact, gaming companies have to offer more by way of accessibility and functionality in order to power the best gaming experiences. Although the goal may seem simple - onboard 100% of as many legitimate gamers digitally as possible - there are a few key challenges getting in the way of success.

Download this whitepaper to explore those challenges and how gaming firms can confront them with multi-layered identity verification solutions.

Learn how:

  • Using a comprehensive identity verification method allows gaming firms to quickly verify player age, improve sign-up rates, and deter fraud.
  • To balance fraud and friction by implementing robust identity verification solutions.
  • Firms can improve their ability to deliver friction-free identity verification.

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